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Build a physique that turns heads.

Suitable for both MALES and FEMALES

Drop Body-fat FAST

Build MUSCLE in all areas

Earn a STUNNING physique


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Hey, I'm Rob.

I'm a YouTuber, best-selling author and online fitness coach.

I've been coaching clients online now for a few years, so understand exactly what's required to get you results.

Qualified PT with 5 years' experience

Best selling author

Competitive bodybuilder (Men's Physique)

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The best nutrition strategy is the one that actually happens!  Answer a few simple questions to receive your personalised meal plan.

I update your meal plan every month and make this available in your Lipsett Fitness App. If you have allergies or foods you dislike, that's fine, I'll make sure that your plan meets your specific requirements.  

I'll make sure you get the right amount of calories and macros each day, tailored to your goal.

To make it really simple I'll provide you with recipes and a shopping list, all you have to do is follow the plan.

Your meal plan is created specifically for you. It will save you time, money, and energy so you can focus on the important things in life.


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All my workout programs are custom made because I realise that everyone has different goals.
I will design your own personalised workout plan to help you achieve your goals and keep you on track. Every month you will receive new workouts, with instructional videos and rep ranges.
Whatever your goals may be - gaining, cutting, bulking, toning - I can tailor a plan to meet your needs.
By following the plan I create, you gain certainty.. if you execute it you properly you are guaranteed to get results. What's stopping you?

Members-Only Facebook Group


You will be invited to join my closed Facebook group where I am always answering questions and where you can converse with other like-minded community members.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Post your 'before images' and progress updates and receive encouragement and accountability from me, my team and our extended community of current members who are going through the exact same transformation as you!

I can't stress this enough guys. Inside this community, you will be held accountable, which will help ensure you stay on track.

FAST Email Communication

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You'll also get fast reply email support to guide you along your transformation and make sure you get the best and fastest results possible!

If you have any questions regarding your plans or programs, feel free to email in at any time. All my clients get special priority.
This effectively means you have 24/7 communication, so you'll never be left unstuck or confused.

Members-Only App

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Your progress will be tracked and programme updated on my personal Mobile App! 

This mean your Meal Plans and Workout Programs can be easily viewed when you go to the supermarket, gym, bus, train.. anywhere you want!

Nutrition is MOST of the battle, so it's important you are set up to win! The app makes it easy for you.



After you've signed-up, you can login to the members section of my website, or you can login to the app.

When you open the App, here's the Login page you'll see.

Just type the email address and password you used to sign-up, and you'll be in!


When you've logged in, you'll be taken to your Dashboard.

This is where you can easily navigate your details, plans and progress!

It's been designed to make it as easy to use as possible.


You'll be able to access your day-to-day Meal Plan, with simple recipes which includes all the ingredients you'll need, as well as a shopping list!


Your Workout plan includes each workout with exercises, sets, reps and a technique video to make sure you get the most out of each movement!


I've also added a general FAQ section, where you can find some quick but powerful tips on training, nutrition and recovery.

Of course, if you have any other questions, you can just email me!

The app makes life easy for you - but you can also access all of these features via my website.




€30 / £30

** recurring monthly subscription **


Adam Wozniak

"Just finished my 30 day diet/training plan, and I'm so happy with my results. Thank you Rob for helping me throughout the last 30 days, I couldn't be happier!"


Previous Client

"This is my 90 day summer shredding Transformation! You've been a huge inspiration to me since the time I started lifting my first year of college. I used your LPP program through the whole 90 days and loved it."


Andrew Edwards

"An official 10 pounds lost since I started with Rob for a total of 27 punds overall! First pic is me at 240, second is when I started with Rob at 223 and third pic is me at 213."



Investing in a PT could be one of the most beneficial, life-changing decisions you ever make.

Think about all the other things you spend €30 on. 1 tank of fuel. 10 coffees. 1 t-shirt. 8 pints (or 6 Guinesses' in Dublin).

Creating your own programme is an option, but do you really have the time and expertise to guarantee that it will be reliable and effective? Staying consistent is one of the biggest challenges when training, but having an online coach will make you accountable.

Accountability is VITAL when it comes to commitment. It's where so many people go wrong with New year's resolutions.. they can't commit to them because they don't make themselves ACCOUNTABLE.

By having me as an online coach, I'll be making you accountable, and therefore COMMIT to your fitness goals.

But it also comes down this: how much it's worth to you.

Think about how it will affect your relationships. Your work. Your social life.

How much would having your desired physique be worth to you?

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Why not just hire a 1-1 PT?

Online coaching provides all the most important benefits of personal training, but for a fraction of the price of hiring a 1-1 PT.

On average 1-1 personal trainers cost around €50-60 an hour. If this price was applied monthly, with 3 sessions a week, you're looking at around €600 per month.

For a limited time, I'm offering my services at just €30 a month.

If having a PT there in the flesh every time you train is vital for you (and to be fair it is for some people), go for it.

But the alternative of online coaching is here.

No more wasting money, no more wasting time. This programme will provide everything you need to build a killer physique for a fraction of the price of hiring a 1-1 PT.

Is there a refund policy?

If you change your mind after the first month (30 days post your first payment), don't worry about it, there's a 100% Money Back Guarantee.



Drop Body-fat FAST

Build Long-Lasting MUSCLE

Feel more HEALTHY

Build GOOD habits

LEARN how to MAINTAIN a stunning Physique



€30 / £30

** recurring monthly subscription **

Due to my lifestyle (and how fuckin' busy I am) in order to offer the BEST quality coaching possible to those involved, space for new clients is limited.