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Bespoke Training PROGRAMME

Build a massive DEADLIFT and MUSCULAR physique

Customised plan that gets RESULTS, updated monthly

How am I qualified?

Fully qualified and liceinsed PT

9 years' experience

Competed in powerlifiting for 5 years'

Deadlifted 320kg x1 and 310kg x2 at >100kg bodyweight

What does the programme do?

Increase your Deadlift.

Builds a hard, muscular core.

Enhance your natural, raw power.

Gives you a thick, bullet-proof Back.

Makes you feel more healthy and energetic.

Increases other lifts such as the squat and bench.

What does the programme include?

Extensive Pre-programme Analysis

Before creating your personalised programme, we'll have a chat about your current state in terms of goals, previous experiences etc. The programme is for intermediate-advanced Deadlifters. If you've been training for a few years and have decided you want improve your Deadlift, you're in the right place.

Personalised Training Plan

After the pre-programme analysis, I'll design a personalised programme tailored to you and your current goals. It will be ultra-specific: giving you exact exercises, sets, reps and even rest times. Deadlift will of course be at the centre of the programme, but I can also tailor the programme to suit other movements you wish to improve.

Video Technique Analysis

I'll ask you to film a couple sets from every Deadlift session you do. This is so I can analyse your technique, and see where you can improve. Even the most subtle changes to technique can make a huge difference- and where there's opportunity to improve, I'll make sure it happens.

24/7 WhatsApp Communication

During the programme, if you have any questions regarding your training plan, lifts, nutrition or anything fitness-related, you can bang over a quick message on WhatsApp and I'll get back to you. This effectively means you have 24/7 communication, so you'll never be left unstuck or confused.

Weekly Skype Calls

I also offer the option of a weekly 45-minute Skype call, so if you need anything else explaining, I can do it face-to-face. These calls will help to keep you accountable, ensuring that you are getting the maximum out of your programme.

Basic Nutrition Advice

Throughout the plan I can offer basic, non-complex nutrition advice. Although I'm not a certified nutrition, I have vast experience in the field, and have educated many previous clients successfullly in the past. I have found that by keeping dietary advice simple and easy-to-follow, it is often more effective.

How do you know it will work?


Dan James (@dan_jamess95)

"Charlie has been my saviour for getting me out of my two year plateau in only 4 months of programming! He's put up with my injuries and busy lifestyle getting in the way, and has been fantastic at working my program effectively around it. Couldn't recommend highly enough"


170KG to 200KG


125KG to 135KG


235KG to 250KG


Jessica Robinson (@jessixa_xo), 21

"I started working with Charlie a few weeks ago when I had lost my gym motivation and needed someone to keep me accountable, and kick start my mojo.  6 weeks in and I can honestly say that I never thought I would have improved so much in strength and technique, especially with the deadlift (+20kg x10 PR). Charlie has a kind, honest and flexible approach and is clearly dedicated to his coaching as he tries to attend as many of sessions as he can, or awaiting for videos for performance analysis and I cannot wait to see what more I can achieve with his coaching!"


Tom Tsang (@tom.tsang), 23

"Charlie is a very knowledgeable trainer who has added 60kg to both my squat and deadlift in just a few months! He takes great interest in my progress and the coaching is extremely personalised."


170KG to 200KG


125KG to 135KG


235KG to 250KG

Is it actually worth it?

Deadlifting is an essential movement. If done properly, it can transform and improve your entire physique. If done wrong, you can risk injury, muscle imbalances and also waste hours and hours of time in the gym through ineffective training.

Don't you think- if you're serious about your training- that it's worth learning how to do it properly?

Not only will you prevent all the bad stuff I just mentioned, you'll also master a movement that will improve all areas of your training and your physique.

The Deadlift is one of the few exercises that works almost EVERY muscle in your body. Training and achieving a big Deadlift will lay the foundations for a bigger Squat and Bench Press, as well as increase your power in general.

So, if you're serious about training and truly want to commit to a fitness lifestyle, you better know how to train properly - because getting expert, professional advice and a detailed, personalised training programme is an investment that will benefit you and your training for the rest of your life.

Why not just hire a 1-1 PT?

On average 1-1 personal trainers cost around £50-60 an hour- more if it's specialised.

If this price was applied over 12 weeks, with 3 one-hour sessions a week, you're looking at spending over nearly £2,000. That is for just 3 hours a week.

My programme is just £50 a MONTH, for high-level, expert planning and advice.

But.. if having a PT there in the flesh every time you train is vital for you (and to be fair, it is for some people), go for it.

But the less expensive, more economically efficient alternative is here.

No more wasting money, no more wasting time. This programme will provide everything you need to increase your Deadlift and build a strong and powerful physique, costing a fraction of hiring a 1-1 PT.

Is there a refund policy?

If you change your mind after a three weeks (21 days post your first payment), don't worry about it, I'll give you a full refund and cancel your subscription.

Get a massive Deadlift. Subscribe now.


Due to the extensive nature of my coaching, I can only take on a limited number of clients.


If you don't act quickly, you will miss out.